The IMP helps:

- people to live and work more enjoyably and authentically because they understand what motivates them and they are respected for it;
- managers, consultants, counsellors and other advisors to form deeper relationships with the people they support; and
- organisations to be more effective, because their people are more engaged and suited to their work, and because their strengths are used productively.


What people have said:

“I found the IMP a valuable tool in helping our leaders and team members understand each other’s strengths and differences. This process while focussed on the individual, was instrumental in developing high performance teams in a challenging operational environment.”
Peter Graham,  former Director Group Operations,  Fairfax Media

“Even though I know myself very well and have completed a number of self-awareness processes throughout my career, the IMP helped me articulate what is really critical to me when working for an organisation. I recently embarked onto a new exciting career path and my IMP helped me confirm my decision to make such a move. I would recommend the process to anyone who seeks to clearly articulate what is most important to them in a job and how to fully utilise their talent and fulfil their career aspirations.”
Eva Meland, Business Development Consultant